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i, my name is Rachit Dayal, and I'm so glad you've found your way here, because you’re about to discover the most effective approach to beating a chronic weak stomach, getting rid of painful digestive problems and getting back a high quality lifestyle - QUICKLY!

And if you give me just 5 minutes, I'll prove to you how your body & life can benefit tremendously from following these simple tips. What you're about to learn is unlike anything you've seen, and I guarantee it works. Simply read the following information carefully:


I've Studied Everything About IBS ...

I’m a former IBS sufferer and I've tried everything to get relief ...

Through a long and painstaking process of trial, error and experimentation, I discovered a simple formula for getting relief and treating irritable bowel problem. Now, I’d like to share this formula with you - so you can get relief from your irritable bowel symptoms too.

And here's the absolute truth that's proven to me time and time again:

Out in the real world, IBS patients don’t get many breaks - The doctors have no cure for us, there are precious few sources of information and most conventional advice doesn’t help one bit.

But if you follow this holistic, drug-free system, and focus on healing the root cause of the problem (instead of throwing drugs at the symptoms) ... you’ll start seeing relief in the next 8 hours, notice enormous changes in the next 72 hours.

This system actually strengths your digestive system in a healthy fashion ... by helping you adopt little-known diet and lifestyle tweaks that you can implement within hours!

And in the two years since I published it, thousands of people across the Internet have used this system ... and succeeded in beating IBS. Just scroll down the page and browse through some of the unsolicited testimonials on this page). Those same people are now eating the foods they love, and living the high-energy, no-hassles life they deserve.

If you would like to get a healthier digestive system rapidly ... without long term drugs, without screwing up your nutrition and without weekly doctor visits, then this will be the most important web page you will ever read ...


"Finally, An End to The Pain & Worry!"

After following the book Goodbye IBS for several months, I can now say that I don't have an irritable bowel any longer.

The first thing i did was avoid all the kind of foods that triggered my symptoms. I monitored what I ate and checked my symptoms as the book says.

My digestive problems have reduced to almost nothing. Thank You - This life is a huge difference from my old life where I was in pain & worry all the time. Now, I am able to enjoy food & my life again.

Faisale Ali Muhammade, Dubai UAE

"Two Weeks With ZERO Problems ..."

I’m a 21 year old college student and I’ve had chronic diarrhea for the past 2 years. In the four weeks since I got the book, I’ve applied a lot of your suggestions and I’ve had ZERO episodes of diarrhea for two weeks now.

And that's a huge difference because I haven't felt this way in years. What’s more - I feel more healthy and alive

Joseph R Austin, Austin TX



Finally, An Irritable Bowel Treatment
That Gives You The Power To…

You might want to become completely free of any digestive troubles. Or you might be looking for a few strategies to eat better or the medicines doctors normally recommend.

Or maybe you’ve run through every book on the market and finally need information that just works. Whatever your situation, if you want to have a healthier digestive system, this system will help you get there faster.

You'll get all the information you need about short term and long term relief from this life-sucking condition. And this is the ONLY treatment method that focuses on fixing the ROOT CAUSE of irritable bowel, so that it never resurfaces and disrupts your lifestyle again.


"I Can Feel the Healing Already ..."

Hi Rachit, This is Amy. I will be 36 next year, and have suffered from frequent bloating andgas problems for the past 20 years.

For most of this time, I’ve just sort of accepted my doctor’s word - that having these problems is part of my hormonal cycle. But after reading your book, I realized what a difference my diet & lifestyle makes in avoiding these symptoms altogether! By changing my diet, I can feel the healing happening already!

Amy W, Philadelphia PA



Everything You Need To Know,
Packed Into A System You Can
Be Implement In The Next 5 mins ...

I’m publishing this entire relief & healing system as an ‘eBook’… which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately right from the privacy and comfort of your computer within 30 seconds of your order.

The book is called "Goodbye IBS", and will speed up your learning curve in healing from this condition by years ...

Choose your preferred edition

There's no fluff, no nonsense in "Goodbye IBS". I didn't bloat up the text just to make it appear longer so that "you get your money's worth". I'll ONLY show you things that work, because as a former sufferer I understand your urgency in seeing relief.

Remember I told you about my own journey if finding IBS relief? I've picked out the essence, the best parts, and what really works in other books, medical journals, and studies and added them in my system as well, so that you get to see the "whole picture".

After reading and applying the techniques revealed in this system, you'll soon gain control of your bowel's behaviour and be able to start feeling good about your health because you know with absolute certainty that you are gently healing the root cause of an irritable bowel.

It'll become so much easier for you to wake up with more energy, pay attention to other aspects of your life, eat the things you like, and so on. (Yes, you CAN have the life that "normal" people do.. only if you ensure that you're treating the problem that's causing your irritable bowel)

And since I first wrote the book in 2005, I’ve learnt a lot more about what you - the reader - wants to know. The book itself has grown from 80 pages to 160+ pages. And we've added special bonuses for progress tracking, relaxation and diet recipes that will be critical to your relief.


"No More Laxative Addiction for Constipation"

I had been trying to use laxatives and fiber for my chronic constipation for several months now. But just two days after using your morning strategy (from the chapter on SOS strategies for constipation), I am beginning to go so much easier.

Richard M, Southampton, UK



Here Are The Proven Diet,
Medicine and Short-Term
Relief Strategies You'll Learn ...


"Kudos from a Nutritionalist & IBS Patient"

Brilliantly written, well researched,and hilariously funny and readable. Thumbs up for your writing… Well done Rachit!

It took me 15 years to slowly discover the same strategies you share in this book…

Caren Wong (Nutritionalist) Singapore


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... You'll Also Learn About Healing
IBS's Root Cause and Long Term
Treatment Strategies that Work ...

"Found Nuggets of IBS Gold ..."

Wow–thanks for the wonderful book! You are so kind and it is so very thoughtful of you find these nuggets of IBS relief. God Bless You!

Susan Davis, USA



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the 5 Day IBS Relief mini-course!

Previewed here, the IBS Relief Cheat Sheet worth $19.95 ... and its yours for FREE when you sign in using this form.

Pick up your free gift just for stopping by, my Irritable Bowel Relief Cheat Sheet - a handy one page guide that condenses all the critical facts about IBS prevalance and relief into one dense guide.

Plus, you'll get a free trial subscription to the 5 Day IBS Relief mini-course. In the next 5 days, you'll receive information on IBS medication, Trigger foods, Diet principles and holistic healing.

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I take your privacy seriously and hate spam too. Each email contains an unsubscription link and will never share your personal information. Contact for any questions.



How Much Are Other IBS Patients
Spending On Their Health ...

IBS is a physically & financially draining problem. Apart from your pain, lost productivity and decrease in quality of life … most IBS patients also spend a lot of money in these things …

Scary, isn’t it? I know it is, and as a former IBS sufferer I’ve been on the wrong side of those bills …

This program won't cost you anywhere close to these insane prices .. not even close. Here’s the bottom line … If you place your order today for”Goodbye IBS - The IBS Cure Handbook” and all its 9 bonuses … It’s all yours, for a very affordable price of just $29.95.

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"Feeling More Energetic Every Day!"

I had become so used to being sick in the stomach, that I had forgotten what it meant to feel “alive”! In the six weeks that I’ve applied your diet strategies, I’ve not just had less symptoms, I’ve also felt more energetic every single day.

Karen Schreiner



Let me make this a complete "No Brainer"
for you by throwing in these


5 Cheat Sheets for IBS Attacks & SOS Emergencies

VALUE: $49.95

The next time you feel an IBS attack coming up, you won't wonder what to do. These cheat sheets list out exactly what you need to do to minimize the effect of this attack and get instant relief ...

So while the Goodbye IBS Program® is simple to follow in order to start healing your tummy...I realize that along the way, accidents are bound to happen and you'll need a little more "support" during any attacks that might happen

That's why I've spent a lot of energy and research to bring you my custom-designed SOS Action Plans to map out a contingency plan if an attack ever occurs!

It's the next best thing to having your own personal coach during an attack!

With these incredible "Print & Stay Prepared "
Emergency Plans, You'll have a LOT more
peace in the next few months ...

Quick List of Foods That Trigger IBS Attacks .. Easy... And SIMPLE
Strategies to Balance your pH!

VALUE: $19.95…

One of the biggest problems in today's diet is the lack of alkaline foods. Meat, fast food, drinks are all acidic and that really messes up our body's balance.

This bonus lists out which alkaline foods will help balance your body ...You'll be surprised at how easily you can find these healthy foods in your local grocery stores, restaurants and even your own kitchen!

Over the last 30 years, doctors & medical students have discovered patterns among IBS eaters. In this bonus, I've also summarized all the usual allergies and triggers for IBS symptoms.

Quick disclaimer - I wanted to be really thorough with this food allergy chart, so I've compiled information from over 20 IBS books going all the way back to 1985. If there has been some research about IBS sensitivities, its in this bonus.


Meal Recipes That Promise To Calm Your Stomach ...With Foods That Are Available EVERYWHERE !

VALUE: $39.95…

When your stomach is grumbling and you know there's an incoming attack, there's nothing worse that running out of ideas of what to eat.


Rather than going on a liquid diet, try these proven recipes that are balanced, small and made from ingredients available in every grocery store around the world.


Diet, Relaxation, Exercise Planning Worksheets
To Take All The Stress Out of IBS Relief

VALUE: $39.95

Bonus 1: Daily Eating Log - The way forward with IBS healing is to track, monitor and learn from your diet. This bonus is designed to help you become more aware of what foods are good and bad for you ...

Bonus 2: Daily Activity Log - IBS recovery involves elements of exercise, relaxation, stress relief and much more. In my book, you'll discover the right direction to shape your daily acitivities ... and in this log, you will find a comfortable path to get used to these tasks.

Bonus 3: Monthly Symptom Tracker Log - A lot of IBS patients track their symptoms too often and find their worries growing. With this log, you will be able to see exactly how your symptoms improve over time ...

While The Handbook and other Bonuses focus
on the right Diet & Activities to get IBS Relief,
these Worksheets bring you the most important
elements you need - Planning and Consistency


Ok, I know this is a lot to take in, so let me break this down exactly what we're talking about...

In This
Special Offer
Cost If Bought Separately
The Goodbye IBS
"Relief & Healing" Manual
The Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas & Pain SOS Attack guides
The IBS Food Triggers List & Guide to balancing your pH
IBS Safe Recipes & Meals Plan
Special Manual: Reducing Stress, Improving Results with Diet, Activity & Symptom Tracking sheets
Total If Purchased Separately:
Take Advantage Of This Special Offer And Pay Just:
$147 $29.95

Choose your preferred edition


Think about it...

I mean, considering the hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of dollars you'll spend on personal trainers, nutrition counseling, doctors visits, and worthless supplements over the next several months...


If This Program Saved You Just One
More Day Of Suffering & Embarrassment, Wouldn't That Be Worth Trying Out?

IBS is sucking the quality out of your life - I know, because I've been there.

It's killing your professional life, since you're slowly becoming obsessed with your health. It's killing your personal life, because you're unable to give other people the attention they need. And it's killing your sanity, because the thought of the next attack is never too far away.

And maybe I don't need to remind you of the urgency of finding a solution, and you've already made your mind to invest in this program and start healing. But if you haven't, just imagine spending a whole week without worrying about your tummy. Living life like you deserve it.

That's the goal of this program. This handbook will arm you with the knowledge you need. This is the same information which cost me $8,000 and 2 years of my time to learn the hard way. And after all, the price is …

Just think about it, this the safest, quickest, most private way to see relief?

Rather than spending the money in blind medicine purchases, unproven supplements or visits to non-specialist doctors who don’t even know how to treat you ... Wouldn't you rather learn the critical facts about IBS and its treatment quickly, in the comfort of your own home?

I sure think it is, and wish I had this option when I was running around doctors and bookstores trying to find ANYONE who might have gone through the experience themselves ...

But the bottom line is that, I really want you to feel better. I want to make the task of getting this book and implementing these strategies absolutely risk-free. And that's why there's a ...


"From Depression to Joy ..."

I was on the brink of depression. Now, my cramping and abdominal pain has stopped, the diarrhea has reduced to "normal levels". I can't say this too often, I feel normal again! Thanks to my new-found health, I am finding more joy in every thing I do - Thank You

Rosa Shah



An 8-week, Unconditional, 100%
Relief & Satisfaction Guarantee …

100% Money Back Guarantee



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The program is available in PDF format and is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. You can read all of the material directly from your computer or print it off and place it in a 3-ring binder to read anywhere you’d like.

If you run into any problems whatsoever, just drop me an email at and I will promptly assist you. This system runs 24 hours a day, so you can still gain instant access even at 3 in the morning!

It’s time to finally get the facts about IBS healing and begin your recovery …


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"Inspired to Start Regular Exercise ..."

Since I read your book, I am somehow inspired to start exercising more regularly. And every time I get on my treadmill in the basement, I come out feeling fantastic! Thanks for the tip.

Vicci Branco


"Don't Even Bother With Any
Other Book On The Topic"

Yours isn’t the first book on this topic that I read. But it is definitely the most dense, and the strategies most fun. Every other book about Irritable Bowel Syndrome seemed to focus on the problem - and do an academic research.

But I’ve been applying your strategies for over 5 months now, and they are so practical! I use the recipes several times a week, the monthly tracking chart helped me relax so much in my first few weeks. I still feel energized enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

Marcus Hamilton


Once you’re inside, send me an email to introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing about your progress and success. I’ll see you on the other side ...

Happy Healing,

Rachit Dayal,
NGH Certified Master Hypnotist, Master Prac of NLP, & Former IBS Sufferer


P.S. This is not the final order button, on the next few screens you'll get to customize your order and re-check your information before your credit card is charged.

P.P.S. IBS Treatment is not a mystery, it's just a simple set of changes in your diet, medicines and lifestyle ... And this guide will show you all you need to know. If you're sick of being sick, take the jump and start healing today.


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