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Goodbye IBS! is a relief & treatment plan for people suffering from chronic digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome. For the last two years, it has been the web’s most popular reference guide on Irritable Bowel Syndrome according to independent statistics from ClickBank.com.

The purpose of this IBS book is to help its readers get quick relief from the debilitating symptoms of chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas/bloating and abdominal pain. For most people who suffer from these chronic digestive condition, three things are true:

  1. The amount of information available on the topic is very little. Consequently, most patients of these chronic problems don’t even know that there is a condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome that fits their symptoms.
  2. Although IBS really kills the quality of life of a patient, is not a life-threatening health condition. Moreover, conventional wisdom leads most patients to believe that it is incurable.
  3. Treatment plan are largely un-investigated. Due to the non life-threatening nature of the condition, the medical community ignores it. And the media’s obsession with quick fixes ensures that any credible holistic health & healing methods don’t get the publicity they deserve.

The problem that most people face is that the medical community only treats symptoms, not the root cause. And so when IBS patients look for answers, we’re given pills for a quick fix – Unfortunately, the problem comes back quickly and resurfaces.

And this happens over and over again. Ever so often, IBS patients go to see doctors and they get prescribed SOS medicines. The SOS medicines work the first few times. Six months pass, and those medicines lose their effectiveness. Maybe the body becomes immune to their effects. Or maybe the condition mutates to something different.

The Real Solution Lies In The Body’s Internal Balance

Our body – and our digestive system – was meant to be healthy. It was meant to heal itself. It was meant to process food and give us energy and work out just fine. That’s the way our bodies have worked for 200,000 years and it’s only recently (in the past 30-50 years), that our lifestyle has changed so dramatically – that our bodies have not had time to change.

I’ve found that every body has the capability to heal. Given the right knowledge, tools and putting these two things into action – any kind of imbalance can be cured and dis-ease can be cured.

Often, we don’t even realize that what we eat, and how we live is causing our body to go into imbalance. In the case of IBS, a combination of the right diet, the right amount of activity, some critical supplements and some lifestyle changes can act as capable crutches while your body heals.

Typically, the healing process can take week to months (after all, the lifestyle that got you into trouble took years, right?)

But You Can Certainly Have Quick Relief

Focusing on healing your body doesn’t mean you have to give up instant gratification. You can still do whatever it takes to get quick relief. In case of IBS, the way to quick relief depends on the symptoms you’re having.

If diarrhea is your main problem, then you can take medicines that can stop diarrhea completely. Moreover, digestive enzymes can help almost instantaneously with slowing down your digestive system. Plus, there’s some foods you’re allowed to eat and some you’re not. (For the 10 page chapter on this, look for Chapter 6 in the book).

If constipation is your main problem, sometimes laxatives and fiber can help. At other times, exercise and hypnosis have known to help with increasing motility inside your body. Plus, there are some neat tricks like drinking a glass of warm water about an hour before you wake up for a week that have known to work. (For more, turn to Chapter 7 of the book).

If gas,bloating or abdominal pain is your main problem, then the quickest way to fix it would be to look at your diet. Certain foods just don’t produce gas and those are best eaten. There are also some medicines that slow down the spasms and motility of your stomach. Specifically for pain, hypnosis and some forms of regular exercise will help. (For a more detailed plan, turn to chapters 5 and 8 of the book).

And when you take care of your immediate problem, its time to turn your focus back on the healing of your digestive system. Because unless you focus on strengthening your body, digestive system and your overall energy … your system will remain irritable.

And that’s where the critical mix of instant-relief vs long-term-treatment comes – that’s exactly what Goodbye IBS! is designed for.

So that you can get long term healing … but still get quick relief from your pain, discomfort and symptoms.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Goodbye IBS! Book

The book is actually divided into one main handbook and several different little booklets that you can refer to eventually. Rather than share the details of each chapter, let me highlight the different areas that are discussed in the book:

  • Diet for Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas, Bloating & Pain – The first thing you’ll want to modify during an IBS episode is what you should eat. In this book we talk about a variety of things – what you can eat, what you can’t eat, how specific foods/drinks can help your symptoms, the frequency of eating, any special considerations you need to take while eating and much more. Over a quarter of the book & bonuses is dedicated to diet resources.
  • Medicines/Drugs for Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas, Bloating & Pain – Medicines do not cure an irritable bowel. But they can provide relief from the debilitating symptoms. In the book, I’ll discuss what medicines have known to help and their names around the world.
  • Irritable Bowel Information & Diagnosis – Before you embark on a treatment, you need to know the basics of what your chronic condition is called and how it is diagnosed. There’s also a handy self diagnosis checklist in there.
  • Action plan in the case of diarrhea, constipation, gas & pain – For each condition, there’s a chapter dedicated for instant relief steps. After all, when you’re in pain you don’t want to be thinking about what to do – you can just follow instructions.
  • Supplements that help – There are some supplements that have reportedly helped specific conditions (digestive enzymes for diarrhea, colon cleansers for constipation and alkaline drinks for gas/bloating). In the book we describe supplement pills and food supplements that are critical to bring the balance back to your diet.
  • Stress Relief – Study after study has concluded that stress aggrevates all symptoms of IBS. In the program we work to reduce the stress in your life and help you attain a more calm, zen-like peace that is more helpful in allow the body to heal.
  • How exercise helps – There are a lot of little known facts about how certain exercises done on a particular schedule can help IBS symptoms tremendously. Plus, they allow your body and digestive system to strengthen.
  • Energy healing & quantum touch – In the book and the follow up program, I examine how to use every day energy healing, yoga and quantum touch to bring about a balance in your body. While this may seem like hocus-pocus to some, I have personally benefited from some of this common sense techniques.
  • Tracking symptoms on a weekly/monthly basis – The biggest problem IBS patients face is that they get obsessed with their symptoms. Every new development each day brings about new anxiety. With this chart, you can track your progress at a more reasonable pace.
  • Daily diet planning sheets – I’ve found that if you plan your diet for the whole day, the night before … its much easier to stick to the plan – and much easier to avoid problematic foods and start healing.
  • Daily activity, exercise & relaxation sheets – Activities, exercise, hypnosis and relaxation. These things are critical for strengthening the overall energy for your body. Again, planning for these make it much easier for you to follow through.
  • 12 Week progress plan – Putting all this information can be overwhelming, all at once. I’ve designed a 12 week program for you to slowly start implementing all these strategies.

You Can Get The Entire Program Online, Right Now

If you have suffered from these chronic conditions, stop for a moment and think about what it’s cost you. Doctor visits, medicines, missed productivity. But probably the biggest cost is the feeling of being sick – of not having any more energy. And if you’re ready to move on to a healthier life, then Goodbye IBS! is the program for you.

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