Here are some email comments from readers of the Goodbye IBS book …

“Finally, An End to The Pain & Worry!”

After following the book Goodbye IBS for several months, I can now say that I don’t have an irritable bowel any longer. The first thing i did was avoid all the kind of foods that triggered my symptoms. I monitored what I ate and checked my symptoms as the book says.

My digestive problems have reduced to almost nothing. Thank You – This life is a huge difference from my old life where I was in pain & worry all the time. Now, I am able to enjoy food & my life again.

- Faisale Ali Muhammade, Dubai UAE

“Two Weeks With ZERO Problems …”

I’m a 21 year old college student and I’ve had chronic diarrhea for the past 2 years. In the four weeks since I got the book, I’ve applied a lot of your suggestions and I’ve had ZERO episodes of diarrhea for two weeks now.

And that’s a huge difference because I haven’t felt this way in years. What’s more – I feel more healthy and alive

- Joseph R , Austin TX

“I Can Feel the Healing Already …”

Hi Rachit, This is Amy. I will be 36 next year, and have suffered from frequent bloating andgas problems for the past 20 years.

For most of this time, I’ve just sort of accepted my doctor’s word – that having these problems is part of my hormonal cycle. But after reading your book, I realized what a difference my diet & lifestyle makes in avoiding these symptoms altogether! By changing my diet, I can feel the healing happening already!

- Amy W, Philadelphia PA

“No More Laxative Addiction for Constipation”

I had been trying to use laxatives and fiber for my chronic constipation for several months now. But just two days after using your morning strategy (from the chapter on SOS strategies for constipation), I am beginning to go so much easier.

- Richard M, Southampton, UK

“Kudos from a Nutritionalist & IBS Patient”

Brilliantly written, well researched,and hilariously funny and readable. Thumbs up for your writing… Well done Rachit!

It took me 15 years to slowly discover the same strategies you share in this book…

- Caren Wong (Nutritionalist) Singapore

“Found Nuggets of IBS Gold …”

Wow–thanks for the wonderful book! You are so kind and it is so very thoughtful of you find these nuggets of IBS relief. God Bless You!

- Susan Davis, USA

“Feeling More Energetic Every Day!”

I had become so used to being sick in the stomach, that I had forgotten what it meant to feel “alive”! In the six weeks that I’ve applied your diet strategies, I’ve not just had less symptoms, I’ve also felt more energetic every single day.

- Karen Schreiner

“From Depression to Joy …”

I was on the brink of depression. Now, my cramping and abdominal pain has stopped, the diarrhea has reduced to “normal levels”. I can’t say this too often, I feel normal again! Thanks to my new-found health, I am finding more joy in every thing I do – Thank You

- Rosa Shah

“Inspired to Start Regular Exercise …”

Since I read your book, I am somehow inspired to start exercising more regularly. And every time I get on my treadmill in the basement, I come out feeling fantastic! Thanks for the tip.

- Vicci Branco

“Don’t Even Bother With Any Other Book On The Topic”

Yours isn’t the first book on this topic that I read. But it is definitely the most dense, and the strategies most fun. Every other book about Irritable Bowel Syndrome seemed to focus on the problem – and do an academic research.

But I’ve been applying your strategies for over 5 months now, and they are so practical! I use the recipes several times a week, the monthly tracking chart helped me relax so much in my first few weeks. I still feel energized enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

- Marcus Hamilton