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- Goodbye IBS: The Definitive Guide To Irritable Bowel Relief and Treatment - instant download in Adobe Acrobat PDF, with over 200 strategies, real life stories and exhaustive Q & A on dozens of topics. It's easy to read and will help you get relief - even if your condition seems impossible right now.

- The full course in PDF, plus the full uncut 12 Week Recovery Plan - the most systematic approach to winning over your digestive problems and getting permanent relief.Includes a complete manual and 13 extra audio sessions and common sense advice to arrest and stop your symptoms that'll save you years of learning.
Also includes 5 Extra Bonuses in PDF - including the exhaustive list of trigger foods to avoid, healthy alkaline substitues for common foods, the daily eating log to plan and track your diet, the daily activity log to simplify stress relief and the monthly symptom tracking chart.

- Everything that's in the Expanded version, including instant online PDF access, the 12 week recovery plan and 5 bonus PDFs with an option to order printed copies of all materials.
Plus: You also get IBS Audio: Healing with Hypnosis - Six weeks of calming, relaxing, healing hypnosis sessions recorded especially for alleviating IBS symptoms. Includes 3 expertly crafted hypnosis sessions and a detailed handbook that tells you everything you need to know about hypnosis and how to use it to get relief from IBS.
Bonus Meditation Audio: "Shaping the body you desire"
- 3 grounding listen-along breathing & visualization exercises to help you relieve stress, let go of past emotions and shape your body using little known metabolism boosting techniques
Also Includes: IBS Recipe Handbook - You also get an illustrated guide to cooking your own delicious, nutritious, safe foods that can get you through a bad path. Includes complete list of ingridients and preparation with photos.
New Bonus: "The SOS Action Plan: Cheat Sheets" for common IBS symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal pain.

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