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What To Do When Nothing Seems To Work ..… Seeking help,  one-on-one with a former sufferer who’s trained in Hypnosis and Coaching …

Dear Friend,

Irritable Bowel is a painful, debilitating condition. I know first hand – I suffered from it, just like you do. I know it causes serious amounts of bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and discomfort. And the worst part is that the stomach sensitivity causes chronic anxiety and embarrassment – life’s just never the same after it starts.

“IBS is so Painful, and all the advice out there is so conflicting”

And a lot of information out there seems to be conflicting. One sources tells you to eat fiber – another tells you to avoid it. One doctor tells you it’s “all in your head”. Another says it’s caused by parasites. People around you tell you you’ll get better. But your inner voice just fears for the worst – that things will never get better.

The truth is that when it comes to advice or IBS support – there’s no single truth. The kind of plan you need to follow depends very much on your tendencies, lifestyle and diet habits. And every doctor, author or article writer needs to cater to a much bigger audience and so they can’t give you the specific advice you need.

“If You’re Ready For Accelerated Healing and some serious IBS Support, You Should Consider A One on One Hypnotherapy and Coaching Session With Me”

If nothing else seems to be working, or you want to accelerate your healing process, then maybe you should talk to me. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them break through their old problems and achieve new levels of peace and happiness. And as a former IBS sufferer, I understand first hand what you need to do to get better.

We’ll chat by phone for a 30-50 minute session (I’ll give you a phone number to call at a predecided time). And during that time, we’ll get really specific in finding out what the root cause of your digestive troubles is, and what’s the best step forward to accelerate your body’s inner healing process.

If you like, I can also include a mini hypnosis session in our conversation and embed suggestions that you can follow later at your own time. Alternatively, we’ll stick to a discussion about your medicine, lifestyle and diet choices and how to optimize them for the best effect.

Important information

Please note – I’m not a doctor.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist and a life coach. And I’ll bring in my own experiences of winning over IBS. But I’m not a medical doctor and will NOT advise you on diagnosing symptoms. I will not try to diagnose IBS or prescribe medicines over the phone. In fact, I’ll encourage you to see a doctor for a complete checkup, if you haven’t done so.

My focus is deeper – I’m a hypnotist, a coach – and my job is to find out the emotional or lifestyle root cause of your problems – and to help you overcome it as quickly as possible. Invariably, there are emotional or lifestyle blockages in our lives … that are stopping the self-healing from happening. I’ll try as quickly as I can, to try and find solutions.

And I’ll do everything in my power to get your old life back. The one where you could eat anything without upsetting your stomach. The one where you didn’t have to always so no to public gatherings. The one where you weren’t embarrassed to go out in public. And the one where you weren’t anxious about your health – just living life to the fullest each day.

What we talk about will depend a lot on your personal situation. We may touch upon one or more of these areas:

  • Diagnosing IBS and eliminating more dangerous conditions.
  • How to deal with everyday management of the problem.
  • Setting an ideal diet schedule to ease the problem.
  • Eliminating stresses and challenges from your lifestyle for more relaxation.
  • Investigating subconscious blockages that are stopping the healing from happening.

I’ll ensure you take a giant step towards your own healing

Also, my time isn’t cheap. My usual rate is $200/session for phone consultations, but for a limited time each consultation (40-60 minutes) is only US$97.

If you’re on a budget, you should consider buying my book or my recorded hypnosis sessions to begin with. The private consultations or only for people who’re ready to move on to the accelerated speed of healing.

But if you do choose the personal consultation, I’ll make sure that the value you’re getting is many times what you’re paying – following the customized plan I lay out for you, will surely save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. And it condenses over 1000 hours of coaching experience and 5+ years of my personal struggle with IBS into one dense consultation with you. You’ll get a hell of a value.

The bottom line is this – I’ve been in your shoes. I suffered from this problem. And I figured out a way to make it okay. And in our time together, I’ll do everything in my power to help you achieve the same peaceful result. If you’re ready to take the next step and schedule a consultation with me, click the button below and order your 30-60 minute session.

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On the rest of this page, you’ll find information on the creator of this program, testimonials from other clients and Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis and IBS. If you have any questions about this product, please contacting us using this form or emailing Support@GoodbyeIBS.com.

About Rachit Dayal: The Creator of this Program

Rachit Dayal is a Master Hypnotist and Master Practioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming based in Singapore.

In over 4 years of coaching and hypnosis work with clients, he’s helped hundreds of individual break through their current circumstances and move closer to their dream lives and health.

He suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 5 years, and much of the initial work in this program and its sister book, Goodbye IBS!, came from his own experiences. Using the same strategies he discusses, he’s gone from a suffering IBS patient to a healthy, happy, successful entrepreneur.

Tens of thousands of people around the world have read his articles, purchased his books or listened to a hypnosis session conducted by him.

Today, Rachit runs his own consulting business and lives a healthy, energetic life he couldn’t have dreamed off 5 years ago. His mission with this website is to spread the message – that Irritable Bowel can be controlled by understanding the power of hypnosis and self healing.

Rachit is also the creator of the Subconscious Reengineering™ healing technology. This one of a kind system culminates the effects of passive hypnosis, passive meditation and active thought engineering to bring about complete transformations and help people break through their own barriers with ease.

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