IBS Solution and Treatment Plans

How to treat a tired, sick Irritable Bowel

Irritable Bowel is a difficult chronic condition that significantly reduces the quality of the patient’s life.Unfortunately, the medical community is yet to come up with a medical or drug treatment that is known to work.

Here is what we do know about IBS:

  • It is chronic
  • It is aggravated by stress
  • It is affected by the diet
  • Some symptoms can temporarily subside with medicines or supplements

How to find the IBS Solution

Here are some accepted guidelines for controlling and managing your IBS symptoms:

  • Watch what you eat very carefully. Certain kinds of foods aggravate IBS and others are more conducive to your body. This website has an entire article on IBS diet – click here to read it.
  • Stress is a big trigger from IBS. Relaxation techniques like hypnotherapy, guided meditation and daily exercise have been shown to help patients.
  • Maintain a more relaxed lifestyle – wherever possible allow yourself several periods of day where you can eat in peace (possibly even cook yourself) and have stress relief.
  • Track your diet and the effect different foods have on you. Planning and tracking your diet can have a huge result on how you feel.
  • By the way, I’ve covered these and all other known treatments of Irritable Bowel in my new book – Goodbye IBS! You can learn more about the IBS treatment book here or buy it here.

A Holistic view of treating irritable bowel and the IBS Solution

Since the medical community hasn’t had any success understanding or treating irritable bowel, most of the work on this condition has come from “alternate” treatments. Millions of patients have used holistic healing strategies and specific techniques like hypnotherapy, exercise, yoga, TCM (traditional chinese medicine), and exercise to see relief. Here’re some discoveries made by those successful patients:

  • It is not a permanent sickness or disease – it simply indicates that your digestive system is current out of balance. By using crutches of supplements, medicines, the right diet and a few other techniques … you can bring your body back to balance again.
  • It is directly related to the overall health of the patient – I have yet to meet someone who has exercises regularly, eats right and stays in other wise good heath … suffering from a severe case of IBS.
  • It is affected by the overall energies of the body. Yes, I know it sounds a little new age – but I’ve found that people who exercise, practice yoga and learn to channel their internal mental energies more positively, have a significantly higher success rate.

For customers of my book, Goodbye IBS! – I share some of the little known strategies that helped me recover completely and what I’ve observed from other successful ex-patients. These strategies are included in the book and the follow up program for customers only.

But until you decide to join that program, here are the key points you need to know to start seeing benefits. After years of research, studying and experiementation on this condition – here are the three things I wish someone had told me when I began my journey:

Lesson 1 – IBS Solution doesn’t appear overnight …

The worst thing you can do to myself … is expect instant treatment for my symptoms. Every time I tried a new technique that didn’t work, I would talk myself down and start worrying about my condition again. After five years, the single best lesson I learnt about IBS … is that recovery takes its own sweet time.

In the beginning, I would try new things and note down the results for the next few hours, days and weeks. Each day, I’d expect to feel better the next day. Unfortunately, that never worked – Some days I felt good, some days I felt bad … but the progress was never good enough for me. It was never good enough because I had decided that I wouldn’t be happy unless ALL THE SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED.

After a few months, I was really sick of the daily judgments I was giving myself. The day that I gave myself two years to get better and free of IBS symptoms. And then something amazing happened … my system automatically relaxed and started getting better. It’s ironic, isn’t it? The best way to get rid of IBS, is to expect a slow recovery!

Lesson 2 – No “magic pill” can cure everyone’s IBS …

Don’t we all wish that we could just swallow something these scientists invented … and make our troubles go away? Hell, everyone wishes that! Even if their condition isn’t as having a chronic irritable bowel. The entire health, diet & medical industry thrives because we all want instant results and fixes.

The real answer is never as easy as “taking a pill”.

There is no one exact “cure” to IBS. Recovery involves a combination of supplements, medicines, diet, exercise, relaxation and lifestyle changes.

It’s probably not what you want to hear, and god knows, there are thousands of greedy vendors out there who claim to have to found the latest quick-fix to IBS, but the truth is that building a good healthy body takes persistent action over time.

Lesson 3 – Quick Relief IS possible …

Yes, “quick relief” is possible.

Depending on your symptoms, there are specific things you can do. Sometimes you may have change your diet and remove “trigger foods”. At other times, there are specific medicines that can soothe symptoms. Still other times, its just a matter of changing your environment or getting a little exercise.

But the action plan depends on your symptoms, and the good news is that I’ve done most of the research for you (check chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the book when you complete your purchase).

While banishing your symptoms for the long term involves a lot of elements of relaxation, exercise and lifestyle changes … you have to remember the 80-20 rule here. The 80-20 rule basically says 80% of the results come from doing the 20% of the most important thing.

In reality, irritable bowel healing works with the 90-10 rule. Almost all the relief & healing you will experience will come from a very small set of actions you follow.

The tricky thing is that you will have your unique “successful actions”. The good news is that, by tracking your food & lifestyle … you can find those rules. You can find those principles of eating, drinking, supplements, medicines, exercise, relaxation and lifestyle that will bring you the huge results you’re craving for.

Here’s what IBS Solution & Treatment Boils Down To

The treatment of irritable bowel is a very simple, logical plan. Change your diet. Remove trigger foods. Remove stress from your life. Use exercise and hypnotherapy to make subconscious, permanent changes. Get your energy level up. And change your environment to support this new, positive lifestyle.

And it’s not all hard work – the changes you make will help you see results within hours. Using the strategies discussed in the Goodbye IBS book, the IBS Audio Healing program and the 5 Day Relief Email Plan, you’ll find yourself feeling better quickly and yet making positive changes for the long term. You’ll find tips on holistic healing, as well as “quick fixes”.

I strongly believe that you have the power within you to get better, live healthily and regain balance of your life – you just need these 2 things:

  1. The Right Strategies – You have to know all the facts about antidotes to IBS. You have to learn about a healthy way of eating that doesn’t trigger your IBS. You have to learn about supplements that your body requires in the beginning of your recovery. You have to know about the medicines that can help you in SOS moments. And you have to learn exercise & stress reduction strategies that take you from the “temporary relief state” to a “permanent calm”.
  2. Time & Faith – In your search for information related to IBS, I’m sure you’ve read plenty of sales pitches that claimed that a special diet or supplement can relieve your IBS symptoms overnight! And I think a part of you knows that it’s not true – there is NO instant cure to IBS. Your symptoms have taken several years to build up to this point, and it will take time to heal too.

The ironic thing is the way you manage your expectations will affect how fast you heal. If you judge your progress every single day, then the stress on your system will automatically increase. And if you choose to have faith in your body, and expect results in the longer term, then your body can relax and focus on the healing. (That’s also the reason why, when you follow the Goodbye IBS! program, I’ll give you monthly symptom tracking sheets – allow you take a breather from daily judgement).

There is tremendous power in belief and faith in yourself. I’m not naive enough to assume that every reader of mine has that kind of faith – but I hope that if you give yourself 2-4 months of this program, you’ll experience something wonderful.

With the first hint of positive results, you will start believing in your body and mind’s power to heal yourself. And ironically, the more patience you have with yourself, the faster you will heal and the more permanent the improvements will be.

Now, let’s get started!

You’ll Need The Right Treatment Plan To Heal Your Irritable Bowel & Digestive System

Your own health is not something you need to be creative in. If someone else has already done the research on what you need to eat, drug, supplement, live like in order to start healing – then do you really want to spend several more painful years with this condition?

The real key to kissing goodbye to IBS & chronic digestive problems is helping your body heal by choosing the right diet, supplements, exercise and many more little known tweaks. And that’s why I’ve built the Goodbye IBS! program from ground up – so that you can get quick relief along with long term healing.

If you have suffered from these chronic conditions, stop for a moment and think about what it’s cost you. Doctor visits, medicines, missed productivity. But probably the biggest cost is the feeling of being sick – of not having any more energy. And if you’re ready to move on to a healthier life, then Goodbye IBS! is the program for you.

This condition is hard and frustrating. It diminishes the quality of life of the sufferer and takes the focus away from the joy and happiness in their lives. So I’ve created several courses, books and programs (some are even free) to help you get started and figure out how to feel better.

So, if you want to learn more about irritable bowel relief and heal faster, here’re my recommendations for what to do next:

  • The 5 Day IBS Relief Program – A quick free email course that gives you the skinny on getting reasonably fast IBS relief. Learn more about that course here.
  • The 12 Week Goodbye IBS Recovery Plan – A comprehensive book and audio program that’s designed to help find your “trigger foods”, the medicines that work for you, and the little lifestyle tweaks you have to do to get your life back into control. Learn more here.


2 Responses to “IBS Solution and Treatment Plans”

  1. Christina says:

    my doctor just diagnosed me with IBS december 6, 2008 because of the symptoms that I relayed to him. You’re so right when you said that this disease does not disappear instantly. This is so painful to me because at night I find myself tossing and turning more than ever. I will try your method and routine to see just how much it influences my lifestyle because right now I have no other chioce.

  2. Maurice Houghton says:

    Type your comment here.my sincere thanks for the information on this website. I am rdetired, living in the Far East in lovely surroundings, but like so many retired people found myself with a busy lifestyle, more so than when working as a music teacher. I am a keen cyclist and do challenging rides, and this always gives temporary relief. The sympoms had included very unpleasant sensations ibn arms and legs, and now I have discovered the trigger foods they are beginning to become less frequent. I am looking forward to trying the method and routine and have noted that immediate results are n ot to be expected. thanks again for the help on this site.

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