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Because you're now accessing the Goodbye IBS System today, we'd like to give you the opportunity to upgrade to the 9 session Deluxe IBS Audio Hypnosis & Meditation Program.


* IBS Audio program plus EXTRA Six weeks of Hypnosis
and Six weeks of Meditation session MP3s (sessions
worth $589.20)
delivered for just $19.95 more!


This upgraded deep healing program, valued at $883.80, includes everything that the basic package promised plus these valuable EXTRAS:

  12 Extra weeks of sessions that will help you relax, heal and cleanse your body even longer. After going through these sessions, you'll find yourself being calmer, having fewer attacks and enjoying your life again. You can finally stop hiding from friends who want to take you out to dinner.

Six expertly crafted Hypnosis Sessions that take you through gentle imagery and organ strengthening suggestions so that your gut can start self-healing. These sessions are set to relaxing, calming music and upon repeated listening, you'll find yourself thinking and feeling different about Irritable Bowel.

Three cleansing meditation & breathing exercises , they're simple enough to be completed any morning in just 15 minutes, yet profound enough to ensure that each session makes a huge difference in your life. These sessions will ensure that all your bad memories regarding your health are RESOLVED and you start looking forward to a brighter version of your body!



( NOTE: Audio lessons delivered 100% confidentially and discreetly via mp3's)

This upgraded IBS Audio Deluxe Edition with Meditations was made originally because this was the exact same way in which I healed my own irritable bowel problem.

In time, some readers of my book started getting personal hypnosis sessions from me on the phone. In time, my schedule started filling up and I decided to offer these same sessions in MP3 format over the internet - I save time, and my clients save money.

Here's that EXTRA edge they wanted to ensure they rid of bloating, gas, diarhhea, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids and the underlying imbalances for good. You're 60% more likely to completely eliminate IBS symptoms if you stick with the Deluxe program for the 9 sessions.


Upgraded Multimedia Offer: Only $19.95 Extra

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Hi, Rachit Dayal here. I just want to tell you that I value every customer, I'm committed to keeping every promise, and you're backed by a 6 week money-back guarantee.  See you inside!


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Click Here To Upgrade To The Deluxe IBS Audio w/ Hypnosis & Meditation for Only $19.95 more if you Act Now >> 


Click Here If You Only Want The Basic Goodbye IBS System w/ Bonuses BUT WITHOUT the $589.20 Worth Of Audio Upgrades Mentioned Above 



What Clients Say About Rachit Dayal


"Amazed by his ability to relax people ..."

Rachit is a very understanding, quick witted, and encouraging hypnotherapist. He often bring across his messages in the form of story telling. It is very interesting & I always look forward to what is the moral of the story he will be sharing.

During a busy event where he had dropped by, there were about 25 participants who were very tired as we only slept 2-3 hrs.

Rachit did a 'Power Nap Hypnosis' for about 20 minutes, right there in the public training to give us rest. I was very amazed that the 'power nap' he did was so short yet so powerful, I felt as if I had rested for 8-10 hours & felt energised after that.

Through asking powerful questions, he gets people to think seriously what they want to achieve & encourage people to step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams/goals.

Irene Toh


Hypnosis is like Second Nature to Rachit!

Conversational Hypnosis is like second nature to Rachit. Give him any topic and he can keep you occupied for hours. Or maybe even put you into a trance for hypnosis work ;)

All with positive intentions. It is easy to be at ease when you are around this guy. He knows how to have fun, make things fun for others and how to live life to the fullest.

Building rapport, making friends, talking to strangers, coaching - all seems so effortless for him. When you are troubled, he's all ears and after you have talked to him, you wonder why you ever talked to him in the first place.

Hung Yin


"Thank You Coach!"

Dear Rachit

Thank you for being my coach for this
program. You have been an important
source of support in helping me to become a more confident person by encouraging me to focus on my desires and to take action.

Through your guidance in a deep hypnosis
session, my body had became a rock solid piece of steel and it is amazing that I can withstand the weight of someone twice my weight sitting on my

That particular experience gave me a deep impression and I have so much to thank you for in creating the stepping stones for me to step out of my comfort zone and truly enjoying life moments and creating memories for myself, my loved ones and humanity.

Thank you coach!

J Y Chia

He's a little Rascal and a Rat!

Rachit is a little rascal and a rat.

Yes he is.

He made me cry.

I remember the first day at a seminar I attended, when everyone was going around hugging and getting to know the others, I managed to hold my stay-away-from-my-intimate-5meter radius- zone stance for a good 2 days, and getting me to put my all into the activities posed a challenge to the coaches.

It took Rachit and his wit and charm to open me up. If not for him, I would not have received the full benefit the program had to offer me.

The crying part did a lot of good for me.

I would warn anyone against doing what Rachit did to break my defenses though, unless you're as perceptive, eloquent and compassionate as he is.

Youth can sometimes be a disadvantage; but in Rachit's case, his age would be the last thing you would focus on when you're interacting with him (In any case, Rachit is way too matured for his age. I don't know what made him grow up so fast - life experiences probably had a lot to do with it - and I don't dwell on it too much).

What I will always remember about Rachit is that he was one of the rare few who was not intimidated by my hostility nor discouraged by my apathy. He did what he was there to do: empowering others to find themselves.

And I'm giving him a score of 11 out of 10 for having done an amazing job.

Juliana Chen


Rachit has shown me what it means to be at the top of the game ...

I've known Rachit for over a year now and this guy still impresses me each and every time I see and hear him in "action". As a fellow NLP coach & Hypnotist, Rachit has shown me what it means to be at the top of the game.

He tells great stories that capture the undivided attention and interest of his audiences while at the same time putting them into covert hypnotic trances easily and quickly.

Rachit's clever and creative usage of nested loops and his impeccable command of the milton language model allow him to instantly put people at ease and into an ideal state of healing.

Yee Shun Jian



Click Here To Upgrade To The Deluxe IBS Audio w/ Hypnosis & Meditation for Only $19.95 more if you Act Now >> 


Click Here If You Only Want The Basic Goodbye IBS System w/ Bonuses BUT WITHOUT the $589.20 Worth Of Audio Upgrades Mentioned Above