Peppermint Oil may be helpful for IBS Relief

A number of new articles in major media (including CNN and Washington Post) over the last month have discussed the use of Peppermint Oil for IBS relief, and many readers of the 5 Day Relief program emailed me to ask for my opinion on this.

I like mint. Even before I had full blown IBS, I used mint based herbal medicines for gastic and digestive relief. Whenever I cook for myself (I used to cook every day when I had the condition), I’d always keep mint leaves to sprinkle on my cooking, and it would be wonderful.

I’ve also used peppermint tea to calm my gut down – in my own case, green teas and fruit juices have a more calming effect, but peppermint tea definitely had a positive influence.

So, it makes complete sense to me that peppermint oil would be beneficial for IBS relief. But before I link up to several articles discussing this, I should warn you that peppermint or any other herbal remedy can only provide temporary relief for irritable bowel. It is a lifestyle based condition – so the biggest gains will come from moderating and managing your diet and emotional stress relief (using hypnosis or some other proven stress relief technique).

That being said – here are some articles about how peppermint oil may be useful for IBS


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